American History and Contests

Colorado Daughters and the National Society offer many resources on American History for teachers of elementary to high school students, including home school children and families. Art and essay contests provide opportunities for teachers to engage their students in creative competitions around historical topics. Click here to learn more!

DAR Magazine

The award-winning American Spirit magazine is a handsomely illustrated, bimonthly publication focusing on issues that are important to us all. Articles cover such subjects as American history, historic preservation, patriotism, genealogy and education. Whatever your interests, you will find informative, entertaining and engaging articles in each issue of American Spirit magazine. Visit the DAR Magazine webpage by clicking here.


Family History, Genealogy, and Lineage Research

The DAR is home to one of the premier genealogical resource centers in the United States, and members across the country are passionate ambassadors for genealogical preservation and research. Chapters hold events and workshops to explore family history resources including how to find and document lineage to Revolutionary War patriots. Click here to learn more!

Historic Sites

Various DAR chapters and state societies own, maintain, and operate historic sites, including cemeteries, forests, buildings, rooms and other important landmarks, across the country. Click here to visit the DAR website that features the sites and properties in Colorado. This database includes all states and units overseas and all information needed to plan a visit to the properties.

Military and Veterans

Colorado Daughters and the National Society celebrate and support our active duty military and United States veterans. “Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, to assure the survival and success of liberty.” -President John F. Kennedy | Click here to learn more or get involved.


The Colorado DAR awards three scholarships to U.S. citizens based on academic excellence, field of study (where applicable) and need. The scholarships are awarded without regard to race, religion, gender or national origin. Individuals who wish to apply must obtain a letter of sponsorship from a Colorado DAR chapter. Click here to learn more.

Speakers and Programs

ResourcesPrograms Colorado Daughters and Chapters offer many programs, workshops, and custom presentations on historical, patriotic, and educational topics to classes, groups, organizations, classes, event attendees. Click here to learn more.